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Every Mile Brings a Smile!

According to a web based survey by Journal of Transport and Health, more than a third of riders have contracted health issues during the pandemic, with 13% attributing their problems to inadequate hand sanitization and risky traffic behaviours due to extreme working pressure. Public washrooms, essential for promoting hygiene and sanitation in public spaces, have emerged as a critical need, particularly for delivery drivers who constantly strive to ensure on-time deliveries.

Making Restrooms More Accessible

Working tirelessly to meet delivery deadlines, drivers face numerous challenges on the road. The scarcity of washrooms, especially during the monsoon season, compounds their difficulties. Navigating through traffic and adverse weather conditions is already demanding, and the unavailability of washrooms adversely impacts their health and overall well-being. Many states and countries have already compromised significantly when it comes to supporting delivery executives during the pandemic. It becomes imperative not to compromise further and create a healthy working environment as much as possible.

Acknowledging the daily hardships endured by drivers, Roadcast has launched a remarkable first-of-its-kind feature on its app. We have integrated a restroom listing feature to ensure drivers have access to crucial amenities. By providing a comprehensive list of nearby available public restrooms, we seek to alleviate the difficulties faced by drivers while on their delivery routes. To bolster our initiative, we have partnered with local businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and shops, encouraging them to list their washrooms on the app. This collaboration not only supports the well-being of drivers but also fosters a sense of community engagement. Delivery drivers are the backbone of fleet management, and ensuring their access to proper sanitation facilities enhances their overall experience and job satisfaction.


A Call for Industry-Wide Support

The washroom listing feature on the app allows drivers to easily locate nearby washrooms along their delivery routes. This user-friendly tool ensures essential restroom facilities are more accessible than ever before, mitigating the stress caused by the lack of washrooms during their journeys. With the introduction of this humanitarian feature, we aim to set an example for the logistics industry. We are emphasising the importance of prioritising the welfare of the workforce and leveraging technology to address real-life challenges. By investing in the well-being of our drivers, we want to make a positive impact on the lives of those essential to our operations.

To sustain this positive change, it is vital for local authorities and businesses to prioritise the provision of rest stops and facilities along the roads. The logistics sector has witnessed unprecedented growth, and riders are a key contributor to that success. Therefore, it is the collective duty of the industry to make this experience seamless for them.