Roadcast's Strive for a Self-Reliant Nation

Having recently commemorated our Nation’s 75th Republic Day, let's direct our focus into how Roadcast's technology, proudly made in India, is actively contributing to the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Since 2015, Roadcast has served as a catalyst for businesses, propelling them toward success through transformative solutions. We're dedicated to making technology more accessible for Indian local businesses and startups. Our mission is to empower them with user-friendly technology solutions, fostering innovation and economic growth across India. By bridging the tech divide, we enable them to thrive in the digital era. Roadcast stands out as one of the few companies in India to have developed its own in-house software in the last-mile automation space. Additionally, some of our hardware products are made in India. We're continually working to ensure that our entire production is based in India itself.

Made in India, Delivered to the World

Proudly made in India, our product extends beyond borders, reaching multiple countries. Through this global outreach, we actively contribute to the growth and strength of India's economy. In addressing the complex logistics challenges, we've identified a core issue—limited visibility and management capabilities. Our cutting-edge software technology stands out in enhancing visibility, giving complete control over every aspect of delivery management in the hands of fleet managers and users. Whether it's order batching, rider assignments, automated payouts, geofencing, or real-time alerts, our solutions empower businesses with effective tools for smooth operations. This not only streamlines operations but also aids in cost reduction, offering a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.

Under hardware technology, our Made-in-India trackers play a paramount role in logistics operations. With an input power supply ranging from 9Vdc to 90 Vdc, our Bolt trackers maintain optimal functionality. Equipped with an internal battery, ignition sensing, analog input, Bluetooth option, and various other features, they stand out as a comprehensive tracking solution. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to connect these trackers with a fuel sensor or temperature sensor. From design to manufacturing, every aspect is meticulously handled by our in-house team in India.

Apart from our trackers, our container e-lock is also fully manufactured in india. Bolt E-Lock is a sophisticated tracking and asset management tool which provides enhanced functionality, ease of installation, and caters to a wide range of applications. It can greatly reduce financial losses incurred by the difficulty in tracking valuable equipment such as trailers, containers, closed body trucks and other valuable mobile assets. The e-lock can be unlocked or locked using RFID, OTP generation and mobile app SMS commands. The device has multiple alerts which makes it the best option for delivery management operations.

Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat

Atmanirbhar Bharat, echoing the essence of self-reliance, is a transformative vision that resonates with the soul of India. This initiative isn't just an economic strategy; it's a call to redefine the nation's identity and foster a spirit of self-determination. At its core, it signifies the empowerment of local communities, as it prioritises indigenous industries, encouraging their growth and celebrating their unique contributions. By encouraging local production, more opportunities are generated within the country, contributing to employment growth. Emphasising local resources and reducing environmental impact can lead to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

In a concerted effort to attract investments, the central government has undertaken significant policy reforms, including the strategic categorization of states based on investment attractiveness. Championing key sectors like solar PV and advanced battery manufacturing cells, these reforms are designed to further strengthen the nation's economic landscape. The Union Budget has also given a substantial push for increased capital expenditure directed towards essential infrastructure upgrades in roads, railways, and power delivery. Such steps depict the government's vision to elevate India's competitiveness. This involves a two-fold strategy of reducing transportation costs and fortifying the network connecting production and consumption markets, both on a domestic and international scale. By actively participating in the Make in India movement, Roadcast is dedicated to achieving complete self-reliance on the home front. This will not only help make our country more self-sufficient but also give a boost to our economy in the long run.