Why Last Mile Logistics is the Need of the Hour?

Last mile logistics involves the culmination of a long process of transfer facilities and is the conclusive final thrust of consumer satisfaction. Logistics industry played a major role during the covid-19 pandemic which led to an increase in revenue for this industry. The best way to deal with unexpected challenges is to be completely aware of what is going on preferably in real time.

Importance of Last Mile Logistics

Logistics technology can help managers track everything from picking to final delivery. For instance, a high quality delivery service management software can track the progress of every driver in real time using a single screen, and take necessary action before route deviations, vehicle breakdowns, and other challenges.

The consumer today expects a transparent shopping experience. It entails keeping them updated on the status of their delivery, which makes them feel valued while making e-commerce purchases. It also allows businesses to be open about any unavoidable delays. An organisation can save an enormous amount of time and money as it is easier to track everything and capture data, for instance, miles driven or the time taken to deliver a package. Therefore, logistics can help in delivering the best on time along with acquiring profit. Because transportation contributes significantly to global carbon emissions, it is critical to reduce fuel consumption. With better trackers, we can reduce unnecessary carbon emissions and focus on sustainable growth.

Not just the demand for warehouse management, but the overall demand for delivery workforce is also high in India. There are tremendous opportunities for Indians to grow with this booming industry. People from rural areas come to work in cities to break generational poverty. Due to lack of educational qualifications in many cases, they manage to survive by becoming part-time or full-time delivery partners. They play a significant role in the logistics business.

What Needs to be Done?

With its growing significance, a well-organised system needs to be implemented by players in the last mile delivery segment who are capable of delivering goods on time with optimum costs. This would help them unlock greater potential and generate higher revenues while improving customer satisfaction levels which is crucial in this competitive market. By reducing the transit times and putting companies' delivery schedules on track, it helps reduce traffic at heavy spots. Additionally, it reduces stock accumulation time in warehouses, which can help increase revenue generation over time.

India is a developing economy and timely logistics is necessary for a prolific outcome of the distribution/ redistribution process. It marks the completion of the anticipated economic cycle and thereby economic process. Be it pharmaceuticals or the telecom, the logistics industry directly or indirectly impacts all the sectors of our economy. The national logistics policy of 2022 aims to ease transportation and bring down the logistics cost to around 8% in the upcoming years. The government wants to explore more options like aviation and establish hubs across the country. Undoubtedly, this will positively impact the logistics industry.

Final Thoughts

Last mile delivery plays an important role in the overall supply chain. Effective management is important to avoid problems in India caused by its large population, increasing purchasing power, and growing number of online shoppers. Last mile logistics is important in India for businesses to face the raised customer expectations for fast delivery of packages. This has led to many companies outsourcing these services to competent logistics service providers. Due to this, the cost of delivery and inefficiencies have been considerably reduced while giving more convenience to end consumers.

To sum up, the logistics industry is the backbone of commerce. It is growing day by day, as are the challenges that come with it. But understanding the dynamics along with proper management is the start of solving challenges. Roadcast is your one stop solution for logistics automation and business growth.