Courier Shipment Dispatch Automation Technology

If you are running a courier and parcel shipment business, you have landed at the right place. A complete technology suite to automate planning, scheduling, dispatch and delivery operations.

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Get future deliveried at your doorstep.

Automatic segregation and planning

Dispatch planning is a cumbersome task, specially when you deal with a large number of orders. Not only does manual sorting takes time, but the results are not always accurate and optimised. Our platform offers you simple, yet effective tools for automatic order sorting based on several configurable constraints.

Order dispatch
Delivery Management & Assets

Seamless delivery aggregation

Target customers at a massive scale by building your service network. Roadcast gives you access to tools that will allow you to collaborate with third-party delivery service providers on a single platform.

Reliable digital proof of delivery

When delivering couriers and parcels, proof of delivery plays an extremely important role. Collect reliable data at your customers’ doorstep and maintain the complete lifecycle of every job in your business. Our digital proof of delivery system give you a range of tools such as E-signature, OTP & image based data capturing.

Digital proof of deliveries

Roadcast is revolutionizing
express delivery management

Digital KYC management animation
Digital KYC Management

Verify and store the digital records of the users.

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Dynamic Price Calculation

Build custom logics to determine delivery costs.

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Quicker Response Time

Live status view of information to help you make faster decisions.

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Payout Management

Implement an automated KPI based payout calculator.

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Easy Integrations

APIs available to plug onto existing systems.

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Live Tracking Delivery App

Point to point navigation & travel history visible to riders.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Improve customer ratings with the help of transparency.

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Increase in Efficiency of Supply Chain

Optimization through intelligent routing and real-time visibility.

Global Delivery Boy

Uberizing deliveries globally

We are trusted technology partners for more than 300 enterprises globally. With Roadcast, businesses have been able to transform the way they deliver. We have reached millions and are growing each day.





We have the right tools you need to
start a parcel or courier service.

Real time dashboards

Real-time dashboards for
daily overview

We know exactly what business owners need. That’s why we have curated dashboards to help you quickly get an overview of key metrics. Roadcast’s dashboards are great for a comparative analysis.

Take informed decisions by
analysing data

Our extensive reporting allows you to access historical data for every entity in the system and helps you take decisions that accelerate your business growth. Data visualisation across our modules helps you track progress and assess areas that need improvement.

Data analytics Reports