The Future is Electric!

The EV sector is reshaping logistics automation. Electric vehicles are reducing emissions, cutting costs, and enhancing efficiency in last-mile deliveries.

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Advanced solutions To Prepare For
Emission Reduction.

Evaluate vehicle expenses and emissions for well-informed decisions regarding electrification. Acquire electric vehicles with certainty using sophisticated fleet management tools that guarantee cost savings.


Observe fleet emissions to pinpoint major contributors among locations and vehicles. Monitor both actual and projected emissions to stay aligned with sustainability goals.

Charge Control

Address concerns about EV range uncertainty and efficiently handle widespread charging procedures to maintain consistent operational readiness.

Battery Health

Track and analyze the health of EV batteries to monitor degradation in real time and identify warranty opportunities for defective batteries.

Unlock Sustainable, Efficient, and Powerful Driving Experiences

Get access to effective transportation solutions that optimize operations, alleviate workloads, and boost productivity.


Take command of your electric vehicles from anywhere, ensuring total control over their functions and security.

Battery Fault

Identify fleet battery issues and address them promptly to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Charging Status

Keep a close eye on both real-time and historical battery charging statuses to ensure optimal fleet readiness.

Driving Status

Implement customized alerts that promote safer and more efficient driving practices among your drivers.


Receive notifications to proactively address fleet concerns, preventing issues from escalating and maintaining seamless operations.

Battery Consumption

Gain access to consumption reports, including alerts for usage, enabling you to prevent potential damage and extend battery life.

Why Opt for Our Electric Fleet Management Solution?

Enhancing Visibility. Maximizing Profits

Battery management

Monitor critical battery parameters such as temperature, voltage, and State of Charge (SOC) to extend the lifespan of your electric fleet's batteries.

Precise Range Monitoring

Accurately track your fleet's range, ensuring you know when they need charging.

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