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If you want to create your journey, just tap on the 'Start Journey' button. You will be able to see the route in red on the map tab. To drop markers or mark places of interest, tap 'Drop Marker'. You can add multiple photos to a marker & add a title & a description too.
You will not be able to start your journey if there is no internet or if your mobile phone is unable to fetch your current location. Make sure you have internet connectivity & your GPS is set to 'High Accuracy' (for Android users) in your device's location settings. Settings>Location>High Accuracy Make sure the location permission is granted to Roadcast in your settings (for iOS users). Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Roadcast>Always.
Note: For Xiaomi, OPPO & other android based phones with special security & battery management apps Make sure your device does not restrict location services in the background to manage & save battery. Grant Roadcast access to run in the background.
To follow a friend's journey using your friend's journey link. You will be able to see your friend's location in real-time along with all the other people who are following your friend. You will be able to view any markers that the leader drops.
In case you have an active journey as a leader, you can simultaneously follow someone else's journey using their journey link. To switch between your leader session & your follower session, use the button in the app drawer.
In case you have an active journey & you lose network connectivity, we make sure that you do not lose anything. Your route still gets drawn & all your markers get saved. You will still be able to drop new markers. You will be able to save your journey once you receive internet connectivity. Without internet connectivity, you will not be able to discard/save your journey.
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