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Key Features

Digital Onboarding animation
Digital Onboarding

Say goodbye to paper based personal data management.

Shift Assignment animation
Shift Assignment

Create shift rosters for riders and assign them in an instant.

Order Clubbing animation
Order Clubbing

Maximise efficiency by stacking & batching pickups and deliveries.

Automatic assignment animation
Automatic Assignment

Discover the nearest available riders automatically .

Cash Management animation
Cash Management

Manage all cash on delivery receipt & deposit transaction records.

Live Location Tracking animation
Live Location Tracking

View highly accurate real-time location data for all riders.

Video Streaming animation
Video Streaming

Access live video stream remotely for a unique experience.

Rider Attendence animation
Rider Attendence

Implement a highly configurable & extensive attendance module.

Real-time dashboards to keep you on top

Detect exceptions in real-time with the help of our criticality dashboard. Running operations smoothly
has never been easier. Customise, SLAs and avoid delays with actionable buttons.

Dashboard fpr Hyperlocal Delivery
Rider Application for delivery management

A user-friendly rider application for on-the-go management.

Our powerful application is user-friendly and helps riders take complete control of their daily work.

Order icon

Order information

Easy access to ongoing order information with assistive features such as navigation.

user attendance icon

Rider Attendance system

Remote rider attendance punching with multiple configurations such as geofencing & facial recognition.

Live shopping App

Give your customers a new-age live shopping experience like never before!

Flexible live shopping is the next big thing in quick commerce.

Create a one-of-a-kind live shopping experience where your customers get a live view of the aisles at their favourite grocery mart. Keeping in mind how important your customers’ privacy is, we recommend switching to Roadcast to avoid the use of mobile number based video calling apps.

Hyperlocal delivery has emerged as a game-changer in the logistics and supply chain industry, providing faster and more efficient delivery solutions to businesses and customers. By leveraging innovative technologies, businesses can optimise operations and enhance customer satisfaction. With Roadcast's expertise in hyperlocal delivery, businesses can enjoy seamless last-mile connectivity and delight their customers with prompt and reliable service.

Delivery Management Software in India

Delivery management software plays a crucial role in streamlining and automating the delivery process. With this software, logistics companies can efficiently manage orders, track shipments in real-time, optimise routes, and allocate resources effectively. In India, where the logistics industry is rapidly growing, delivery management software provides a competitive edge by enhancing operational efficiency and minimising errors. It empowers businesses to provide seamless and timely deliveries.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Hyperlocal delivery is a concept closely intertwined with logistics and supply chain management. It focuses on delivering goods and services, catering to the rising demand for fast and convenient deliveries. By implementing hyperlocal delivery strategies, logistics companies can overcome the challenges of urban congestion, reduce transportation costs, and ensure prompt delivery to customers. Hyperlocal delivery empowers businesses to provide personalised and seamless experiences, fostering loyalty and repeat business. It also opens up new opportunities for small-scale and local businesses to compete in the fast-paced e-commerce landscape.

How does Roadcast’s Delivery Order Management System enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery operations?

Dispatching: The Delivery Management System automates the process of assigning orders to available drivers. It considers factors such as proximity, capacity, and delivery window to intelligently assign the most suitable driver for each order. This minimises delays and maximises efficiency in dispatching operations.

Route Optimization: Leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time data, it calculates the most efficient routes for drivers. It takes into account factors like traffic conditions, road closures, and weather updates to ensure that drivers follow the fastest and most reliable paths to their destinations. This reduces travel time, fuel consumption, and overall delivery costs.

Tracking: Our system provides real-time tracking of drivers' locations and their progress throughout the delivery process. This information is shared with administrators and customers, offering transparency and allowing them to stay updated on the delivery status. Real-time updates enhance customer satisfaction and enable proactive communication.

Reporting: Roadcast’s Delivery Management System generates comprehensive reports on delivery performance metrics. Businesses can access valuable insights into delivery times, driver performance, delivery costs, and other key indicators. These reports enable data-driven decision-making and identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing delivery operations and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the power of a Delivery Management System, businesses can streamline their delivery operations, improve efficiency, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

IoT in Logistics and Supply Chain

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised various industries, and logistics and supply chain management is no exception. By incorporating IoT devices and sensors, businesses can gather real-time data on shipment status, temperature, humidity, and other relevant parameters. This data enables proactive decision-making, minimising risks, and ensuring the integrity of goods throughout the delivery process. IoT in logistics and supply chain enhances operational visibility, improves efficiency, and reduces costs by optimising routes, monitoring inventory levels, and predicting maintenance requirements.

Hyperlocal Delivery Management System

A hyperlocal delivery management system acts as the backbone of efficient hyperlocal delivery operations. This system encompasses all the necessary tools and processes required to manage and track deliveries within a specific area, such as real-time tracking, route optimization, delivery notifications, and customer feedback management. By implementing a hyperlocal delivery management system, logistics companies can achieve faster, more reliable deliveries and elevate their customer experience.

Benefits of Hyperlocal Delivery

Faster Deliveries: Hyperlocal delivery reduces the distance between the point of origin and the customer, resulting in faster deliveries. This is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive products such as perishable goods and on-demand services.

Cost Optimization: By optimising routes and minimising transportation distances, hyperlocal delivery helps reduce fuel costs and overall operational expenses. This leads to increased profitability for logistics companies.

Enhanced Customer Experience: With hyperlocal delivery, customers can enjoy quick and convenient deliveries within their neighbourhood. This improves customer satisfaction, builds loyalty, and encourages repeat business.

Operational Efficiency: Advanced technologies enable logistics companies to streamline operations, automate processes, and eliminate manual errors. This improves overall efficiency and productivity.

Never Lose Sight with Roadcast

Our comprehensive solutions empower you to keep a watchful eye on your business anytime, anywhere, enabling you to make informed decisions on the go. With our software, you can diversify your retail portfolio and seize profitable opportunities by efficiently managing your supply chain.

Our software equips your field team with the tools they need to gather potential retailer data and streamline the onboarding process. This ensures a swift and seamless integration, expanding your market reach and driving business growth.

Our technology enables field personnel to mark attendance at designated locations, providing you with real-time insights into employee productivity. Built-in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure that tasks are completed within allocated timeframes, optimising workforce efficiency and ensuring timely deliverables.

With Roadcast's Supply Chain Management, you can stay ahead of the competition, streamline operations, and drive business success. Experience enhanced efficiency, improved productivity, and greater profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roadcast’s platform has an intelligent automatic rider assignment functionality. The system automatically finds the nearest free rider or the rider with the minimum ETA to ensure quick turn-around times.
We also offer our development services to create a customer application for your business. The application supports the following service booking modules - parcel pick and drop, shop and drop and live shopping.
We have built the platform to help you scale faster than ever. We can support extremely large order volumes without any hassle. We are experienced in handling requirements from businesses that operate globally and process millions of orders in real-time.
For enterprises, we offer Paas & Saas based solutions. Our pricing is highly competitive, extremely flexible and dependent on the kind of services you require. Our pricing model starts as low as USD $ 0.014 per order.
We have a completely modular platform. Various configuration options allow you to show/hide modules, restrict access & manage permissions for each user.