Revolutionizing Mobility With Intelligent Telematics Solutions

Discover Roadcast's cutting-edge vehicle telematics technology to elevate route efficiency, and achieve sustainability goals through real-time insights, geofencing, and advanced EV management.

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Track Anything

Effortlessly track vehicles for field optimization, ensure trailer efficiency with cargo sensors, and maximize asset potential through equipment tracking. Make informed decisions with real-time insights.


Enhance your field services through up-to-the-minute vehicle tracking, preempt breakdowns by overseeing engine health and error codes.

Equipment/Asset Tracking

Maximize equipment potential. Pinpoint underutilised assets and integrate data into your procurement planning for informed decisions.


Enhance trailer efficiency, manage detention times, and oversee delicate cargo using sensors for doors, contents, temperature, and humidity.

Cutting-edge fuel Monitoring

Regulate your fuel efficiency and curtail expenses using Roadcast’s Fuel Reporting. Gain insights into fuel usage patterns to pinpoint inefficiencies or anomalies. Receive Fuel Reports at your preferred frequency—daily, weekly, or monthly—delivered straight to your email. Monitor vehicle performance, actual idle durations, and enhance fuel efficiency.

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Saving Costs with Better Fuel Monitoring

Efficient fuel monitoring can be done through intensive reports to reduce downtime, extend the lifespan of your vehicles,
and lower repair costs

Fuel Level

Detailed data on initial and end fuel levels for specific dates.

Fuel Consumption

An essential tool for businesses to track and analyse their fuel usage.

Fuel Theft

These reports detail the time, location, and quantity of stolen fuel.


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Optimise Logistics with

Unified Portal

A unified logistics platform serves as a central hub for all logistics-related activities, providing visibility, automation, and data-driven insights. This results in streamlined operations, cost reductions, improved customer service, and a more competitive position in the market.

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Centralised Data Management
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