The most advanced Ai video telematics solution

Empower your fleet safety efforts with AI-based Video Telematics. Rapidly capture incidents, preempt risks, and optimize coaching for unmatched driver and business protection.

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By employing a combination of biometric and data-driven techniques, these systems accurately recognize and differentiate between authorized drivers, offering a range of benefits

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Improved Driver Behaviour

Promotes responsible driving, reducing accidents, fuel usage, and wear with recorded accountability.

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Safety Alerts

Offers real-time warnings for lane departures, collisions, and hazards, enhancing road safety.

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Event Recording and Emergency Backup

Captures collision and lane departures evidence, ensuring it's preserved for disputes and insurance.

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Smartphone Integration and Connectivity

Connects remotely via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, simplifying access and sharing.

6/10 accidents can be prevented through AI POWERED VIDEO ANALYTICS

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Potential of AI-Enhanced Video Telematics

AI-enhanced video telematics revolutionizes fleet management by ensuring safety, optimizing operations, and promoting responsible driving, utilizing real-time analysis, alerts, and performance reports.

Ignite Safety With Dashcam Alerts

The AI dashcam provides real-time alerts for potential collisions, lane departures, and other safety hazards.

Safety Hazard Alerts

Prevent accidents with alerts like forward collisions, Overspeeding, harsh braking and cornering.

Behaviour Alerts

Know Driver Behaviour with alerts like Smoking, Fatigue, Distraction, phone calling, eyes closed.

Control and Management

Roadcast control panel gives you real-time management from the comfort of your own space.

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Enhancing Security with Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition, powered by AI and biometric data, identifies individuals through unique facial features, enhancing security, access control, and simplify user authentication across industries and devices. Roadcast's Facial Recognition analyzes facial patterns, comparing them to a database for tasks like attendance and payments in logistics, ensuring convenience and efficiency.


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