Backing Our Delivery Partners

The festive season has arrived, igniting a surge in e-commerce sales and a corresponding spike in the demand for delivery partners. Consequently, businesses are actively expanding their delivery partner workforce during this period. Delivery enterprise Ecom Express is gearing up for the upcoming festive season with plans to bring onboard around 40,000 workers. A majority of these recruits will be on a contractual basis, according to a senior executive (The Hindu).

As the demand continues to surge, delivery partners navigating the intricate web of goods transportation face the critical challenge of elevating efficiency, fostering collaboration, and strengthening accountability within fulfilment and field teams. This is where technology steps in. Roadcast offers state-of-the-art tech solutions that empower riders to not only meet delivery deadlines but also prioritise their own well-being.

How is Roadcast Helping Delivery Partners?

The Roadcast delivery management app provides delivery personnel with the right tools to effectively manage their deliveries, leading to smoother operations and elevated service quality. In our rider delivery management app, we provide a comprehensive order tracking system. It displays the status of each order through key stages: "Created" signifies when an order is initiated; "Assigned" denotes when a rider is assigned to the order; "Dispatched" highlights when the order is out for delivery; "Completed" signifies successful order delivery, and "Cancelled" indicates orders that were voided.

Whenever there's a change in delivery status, customers can receive timely alerts. This proactive communication keeps them informed about delivery timelines and potential substitutions, enhancing overall satisfaction. Additionally, for delivery drivers, discovering a misaligned vehicle load in the field can be frustrating. Efficiently loading vehicles in line with route schedules is crucial. Our dock and yard management feature ensures smooth loading and unloading, eliminating errors and improving the personnel’s experience.

Whether you opt for establishing a fulfilment centre or designating a specific area in your store for online order picking, it's vital to equip your associates with handheld or wearable devices. These devices keep them informed about incoming orders and help track the fulfilment progress. It's essential for associates to be aware of their peers' picking activities to ensure efficient operations. Additionally, the ability to communicate with customers instantly for out-of-stock items or substitutions is crucial. Our app, compatible with a rider's smartphone, facilitates these functionalities seamlessly.

The cash management feature helps with tracking and reconciling cash transactions during deliveries. It's crucial because it ensures the accurate handling of payments and prevents discrepancies, enhancing transparency and accountability in financial operations, ultimately improving trust and efficiency in the delivery process. The attendance feature tracks and manages the work hours and attendance of delivery personnel. It's essential for monitoring workforce reliability, ensuring accurate payroll, and complying with labour regulations. This feature enhances accountability, workforce management, and overall operational efficiency.

Our hardware solutions proactively help prevent accidents by issuing safety alerts for situations such as forward collisions, overspeeding, fatigue, harsh braking, and aggressive cornering. In case of accidents, our AI-powered video telematics help in capturing incidents, enabling prompt action.

Restroom-Listing Feature


Recognizing the daily challenges faced by delivery riders, Roadcast has introduced an innovative and pioneering feature within its app. We've integrated a restroom-listing feature to ensure that drivers have convenient access to essential amenities during their routes. Our app provides an extensive list of nearby public restrooms, a result of collaborations with local businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and shops. This feature simplifies the process of finding restrooms along delivery routes, alleviating the stress caused by restroom unavailability. With this initiative, we aim to lead by example in the logistics industry, highlighting the importance of prioritising welfare of the workforce and leveraging technology to address real-life challenges.

Final Thoughts

As technologies continue to advance, last-mile delivery is on the cusp of achieving unprecedented speed, efficiency, and transparency. Taking care of our delivery partners is paramount and we should approach this from both a job-centric and a humanitarian perspective. Delivery partners are the backbone of logistics, ensuring timely deliveries to customers. By providing support, fair compensation, and a safe working environment, we can enhance their job satisfaction and performance. Technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining their tasks, making deliveries more efficient and reducing stress. Investing in tech solutions can help build mutual trust and significantly improve job experience, ultimately benefiting both delivery partners and customers.