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Managing an E-commerce business without technology is a twisted job! With Roadcast, setting up & managing e-commerce businesses is easy. That’s why we call it “Easy-Commerce”

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Here’s why Roadcast is essential for
your e-commerce business

Transparency & Visibility
                                        of Operations
Transparency & Visibility of Operations

Centralized operations management via real-time dashboards.

Future Ready Platform
Future Ready Platform

Ready with tools to support upcoming technologies & EVs.

Quicker Response Time
Quicker Response Time

Live status view of information to help you make faster decisions.

White-Labelled Solution
White-Labelled Solution

Option to use your custom branded dashboard & apps.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Low cost of deployment compared to building an in-house solution

Live Tracking Delivery App
Live Tracking Delivery App

Point to point navigation & travel history visible to riders.

Accuracy & Consistency
Accuracy & Consistency

Reduce human error thereby creating highly reliable results, everytime.

                                        of Supply Chain
Increase in Efficiency of Supply Chain

Make several processes more efficient with the help of more than 150 tools.

We are here to change the way you deliver with
the help of our feature-rich platform

Live Data of Vehicles

you can see your vehicle's current speed and location at any time.This can be helpful if you're trying to keep an eye on your driver. You can even set up alerts so that you'll be notified if your car leaves a certain area.

fleet home page

Simplify fleet complexities

If you're ever curious about the status of your current or upcoming trip, you can always check for updates on the route, driver, start address, end address, estimated kilometer, and last update.

Parking operation

we have the tools you need to manage and optimize your entry/exit and parking operations with ease. Our software is designed to help you streamline your operations and improve efficiency.


Intuitive modules that offer you complete
control of field operations

Secure entry/exit with real-time location tracking and information checks

Our Parking & dockyard automation modules have helped businesses reduce operating costs while increasing their hub efficiency. The module gives real-time access to driver information, available parking spots, status of vehicles at each dock and helps supervisors report essential information such as loading & unloading duration.

real-time location tracking
Multi Order Handling

Real time multi-order handling with step-by-step progress updates

No more manual planning! Just upload your orders and let Roadcast work its magic. Auto-segregate orders and generate optimised routes to give lightning fast deliveries! Ensure movement of vehicles along their routes by monitoring any deviations and thereby avoiding delays. Simultaneously view the progress of multiple vehicles with the live status of successful deliveries.

Informative & assistive driver application for smooth fleet management

The application helps drivers deliver more efficiently by providing them with details of each order & assisting them with turn-by-turn navigation. Allow your riders to capture proofs of delivery at each step and report any exceptions such as non-delivery, customer unavailability, returns and pickups. Enhance your e-commerce business with Roadcast!

driver application for fleet management

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide all our APIs for integration to seamlessly connect multiple channels. You can push orders from your existing order management system onto Roadcast easily.
With our IoT connectivity capability, it is easy to connect vehicles as well. All vehicles with a GPS device can be configured to work on a single platform along with the drivers who are using our LMA app.
We have setup our own reverse geocoding server and the platform is capable of finding out the lat long from the text-based address input.
For enterprises, we offer Paas & Saas based solutions. Our pricing is highly competitive, extremely flexible and dependent on the kind of services you require. Our pricing model starts as low as USD $ 0.014 per order.
We have a completely modular platform. Various configuration options allow you to show/hide modules, restrict access & manage permissions for each user.