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Technology to help you build your dream business

Now with our platform expanding globally is as easy as it gets with one click global deployment capabilities. Roadcast offers a
flexible & customizable platform that is transforming logistics across various industry verticals.

Running a quick commerce business?

Roadcast offers the most intuitive platform to automate your hyperlocal delivery business. Take your operations to the next level with
Ai powered order management. Our app-based platform makes the solution deployment a cakewalk.

App Based Mobility Management

Roadcast makes managing your fleet easier than ever before.
Our app-based platform makes the solution deployment a cakewalk.


Paperless Onboarding

Live monitoring of all the drivers and order status through a single screen interactive interface.


Order Dispatch

Automatically assigns the orders to drivers based on multiple pre-decided parameters.


Intelligent Reporting

Elaborate Reporting for various parameters of the trip enables you to take data driven decisions.

We call it “Easy-Commerce”

We provide the best tools for real-time planning and execution. Roadcast can help you scale your e-commerce business quicker than ever. Managing large-scale operations across multiple cities and facilities is now as easy as it gets. With flexible scheduling in real-time, achieve efficiency in routing, allocation and fullfilment.

Here’s a look at what you get when you switch to Roadcast

Our Intuitive and user-friendly app gives you the power to track all your vehicles
on the go. The UI has been carefully designed to offer you maximum
functionality with minimum clicks required.

Dockyard & parking management

View and manage hub parking & dock operations in real-time.


Segregate orders & create optimized routes using our Ai powered order management engine.


Automate payout management with great flexibility & accuracy.

Vendor & Rider Management

Digitalize user info & maintain reliable records that can be accessed anytime & from anywhere.

Now experience the power of IoT in logistics & transportation

Connect your vehicles fleet & delivery staff onto a single platform & get access to combined metrics. While you are here reading this, you should know that we are one of the very few enterprises globally that offer an integrated solution.

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Our technology let’s you talk to your vehicles

Roadcast offers the most feature rich IoT connectivity solution that provides end-to-end fleet tracking. The combination of vehicle tracking and our driver application provides complete visibility across your supply chain.

Our technology let’s you talk to your vehicles.

Roadcast offers the most intuitive platform to automate your entire business operation.

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